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Veg Cruising

Feed your love of travel!
Wherever you are on your veg* journey, we want you to have travel options featuring a variety of delicious cuisine that fit your veg* preferences!

What is Vegcruising?

VegCruising organizes vacations for vegetarians and vegans. We work directly with our partner cruise lines to ensure an abundance of food choices that fit your needs when you travel!

Why Us?

We get it. We are seasoned travelers who've been served our share of steamed veggie platters and "vegetarian" soups made with chicken broth. You want choices, and we want you to have them.

Our Core Values

INCLUSIVE: wherever you are on your personal veg* journey, we respect where you are, right at this minute. JUDGEMENT-FREE: Whether you are macrobiotic, or a lacto-ovo vegetarian, or just want meat-free options, we want you to have a vacation of a lifetime! POSITIVE: We are positive! It’s what makes our world go ’round, and helps us go ‘round the world! FUN: We enjoy life and all that is has to offer- travel, health, food, friendships!