About Us

About Us

From the Chief Travel Officer:

VegCruising combines my love of travel and great veg* cuisine!

I began my personal Veg* journey 26 years ago. Like so many others, I’ve watched Vegetarian and Vegan dining over the past two+ decades evolve from the obligatory steamed vegetable plate with rice to amazing culinary creations that would tempt any palate. My goal in founding VegCruising is simple: to provide folks with specific dining preferences options in an omnivorous travel environment.

Everyone has a story, and everyone has a reason for their choices. VegCruising respects them all. Whether you’ve just taken the first step towards a meat-free diet, or you’ve been vegan for years, we invite you to travel with us and explore the world.

While it is so important to continue to move in the direction of our passions, it is equally important to acknowledge how much the landscape has changed. Please join VegCruising at the table as we continue forward in this spirit, celebrating adventuring, life, and great food along the way.

Who we are:

Do you dream of traveling the word, but feel like there aren’t enough veg* options for you on an omni-centric cruise ship? VegCruising gets it: we provide peace of mind regarding your dietary preferences and needs, so you can sail the oceans and see the world- on your terms! We are VegCruising, and it’s our job to make sure you have the vacation of a lifetime!